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  • What is Immunity?   Immunity(1) is your body’s ability to fight of illness, disease, parasites, viruses, and other pathogens. Basically, anything that your body considers to be an invader or not a natural part of the way your body regularly functions. This system is essential...

My Philosophy

Throughout my 28 years as a medical doctor, I have witnessed the benefits and shortcomings of modern medicine. And I have evolved over the years to understand the human body as not just a vessel but as something more interconnected, dynamic, and infinite in nature.

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Today, as a physician and healer, I practice preventative medicine or “transformative medicine” as I prefer to call it. Focusing on the entire spectrum of the individual, I help people regain control of their health through a combination of customized weight loss programs, cutting-edge nutritional science, behavioral modification, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and ancient healing techniques.


To me, true health comes down to awareness – awareness of not just healthy living habits and nutrition but most importantly awareness of the capacity of self. Through my programs, I help my patients identify and understand how to take control of their health and their lifestyle. I empower my patients by revealing the power they have within.


I’ve spent the last 10 years studying alternative medicine and ancient healing techniques, looking for new ways I could integrate these philosophies into my daily practice. What I discovered was that many of these techniques, whether it was acupuncture or ayurvedic medicine, shared one common belief. And that was that true healing came from within. Everything was pointing to an internal force that could prevent and heal sickness. It only needed to be awakened.


I am so excited to be able to share my discoveries with you. As I hope you will soon discover, you have everything you need inside yourself to transform and live a happy health life. Join me on this journey of self-exploration. It will make all the difference.


In harmony,


César A. Lara M.D.



Weight Loss

Award-winning weight loss programs that focus on every aspect of the individual. Utilizing the latest in obesity medicine, cutting-edge nutritional science, and behavioral modification, every program is customized around the individual makeup of the patient.


Formnovelle is the most sophisticated body contouring program that utilizes non-invasive green laser technology to naturally eliminate fat from troublesome areas. Used in combination with my weight loss programs, Formnovelle is designed to painlessly sculpt the body as you begin losing excess weight.

Hormone Therapy

Age smarter and healthier with customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Designed specifically for each individual, every program is uniquely created to balance and optimize the endocrine system, giving you more energy and a more youthful appearance.

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