The most sophisticated total body contouring program


What would it be like to lose 4 inches in four weeks or less? What if someone who is clinically obese could significantly reduce their body fat without invasive surgeries and achieve the sculpted look and feel they only ever dreamed of?  


Through his work with thousands of patients over the course of many years, Dr. Cesar Lara, has helped women and men facing these exact challenges. Along the way he developed and refined a unique methodology, now known as Formnovélle™, a proprietary system combining his unique cellular detoxification process for maximizing fat excretion and skin firming, along with the state-of-the-art, non-invasive Verjú green Laser therapy.  


Verjú decreases fat without a person having to adjust their nutrition, making it an ideal jump-start for seeing quick results. Formnovélle builds on these early results with a tailored program of lifestyle and nutritional modifications for maximizing the benefits and more important, maintaining the results.   


Formnovélle™ Obesity Therapy:  This system is optimized for those with a BMI2 greater than 32. This specific therapy focuses mainly on weight-loss and specifically fat loss.


Formnovélle™ Contouring Therapy:  This system is for those who may not be obese (BMI less than 30), but who have areas in their body requiring improvement or resolution. For example: arm reduction, breast reduction, chin reduction, love handles reduction, etc.


Formnovélle™ Cellulite Therapy: This system focuses on helping woman who may be at their healthy weight, or may be obese, but have cellulite3. This therapy improves the appearance by tightening the skin and restructuring the fibrous tissue under the skin. 


These unique and proven Formnovélle™ therapies are available exclusively through Dr Lara’s Weight Management Clinics or through licensed Formnovélle™ practitioners. Therapies are typically sold in packages of 6 and patients can potentially expect to lose 4 to 6 inches or more in as little as two weeks.  


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