Perk Up: Amazing Benefits of Butter Coffee

Perk Up: Amazing Benefits of Butter Coffee

Dr Cesar Lara

Coffee is associated with a longer lifespan and lower risk of death(1) from all causes — but especially from heart disease and cancer, two of the top five causes of death.

Butter coffee provides even more perks! Many people turn to the cozy, frothy butter and coffee combo as a morning treat while others are looking for mental clarity, weight loss, or help with the ketogenic diet.

Butter Coffee Causes a Slow Release of Caffeine

Blending healthy fats, such as butter or ghee, with your coffee creates a creamy latte that encourages you to savor your coffee instead of downing the cup. This avoids the sudden jolt you can get with black coffee.

Fat takes time to break down, which causes a slow release of caffeine. With black coffee, or coffee with milk, the caffeine is released almost immediately.

On the other hand, the act of blending the coffee and butter breaks the fats into small droplets called micelles. From here, the micelles bind to caffeine molecules — this results in the body breaking down the caffeine at a slower pace. Now you have a steady release of caffeine without the jittery feeling.

Butter and Coffee Helps Improve a Balance in Gut Bacteria

An imbalance in gut bacteria causes a big problem when it comes to metabolic health. When we have unhealthy, unbalanced bacteria, it leads to intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and chronic, low-grade inflammation. This inflammation links to obesity and metabolic conditions like insulin resistance and diabetes.

But the good news is that butter coffee is an intervention that seems to positively affect your gut bacterial balance and provide you with polyphenols!

Polyphenols (2) are antioxidants that protect your cells and also happen to boost Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Bacteroidetes, and other types of beneficial bacterial strains.

You can get polyphenols from bright colored vegetables, but one of the most abundant sources is coffee.

In Coffee, Butter Beats Milk

By replacing the milk in your coffee with butter, you're providing several benefits to your body.

Consider the binding property of milk proteins. When you use milk or cream in your coffee, the milk proteins bind to the polyphenols causing your body to absorb 3.4 times fewer polyphenols(3).

Butter also contains butyric acid(4), which can aid to heal the gut and directly lower inflammation within the brain.

Charge Up Your Body’s Fat-Burning Mechanisms

When everything is in balance, your body optimizes how you burn and store fat. Your liver and your gut bacteria make a protein called fasting-induced adipose factor (FIAF)(5) — this blocks fat storage enzymes and is involved in the regulation of metabolism.

Depending on outside factors, FIAF can help you slim down or make you hold onto excess weight. High-sugar, high-fat diets cause gut bacteria to suppress FIAF — their own and yours from the liver — and cause your body to hold onto fat instead of burning it.

When gut bacteria do not have the sugar/carbohydrates as fuel, they signal for other fuel sources. Hungry bacteria make FIAF, which helps you burn fat for fuel.

When you use butter coffee as a part of your intermittent fasting, you're encouraging your gut bacteria and liver to produce more FIAF, and you burn fat for energy.

Butter Coffee to Boost Ketosis

Drinking butter coffee first thing in the morning is an easy way to avoid carbohydrates and kick start ketosis. When you don't have carbs to burn, your body gets the signal to start burning fat for energy. The liver then produces ketones — as a by-product of fat metabolism — to provide an amazing source of energy for your body and brain.

Having blended butter coffee on an empty stomach gives you the fat you need to obtain mental focus and reduce food cravings right out of the gate.

Grass-Fed Butter Vs Grain-Fed Butter

Grass-fed butter trumps grain-fed butter. The nutrient composition and the health effects of dairy products vary depending on what the cows ate.

In nature, cows used to roam free and eat grass, which is the natural source of food for cows; however, the cattle today, especially in the US, are primarily fed grain-based diets that consist of corn and soy.

When comparing grass-fed dairy and grain-fed dairy, grass-fed dairy has higher vitamin K2 and Omega-3 fatty acids(6) — nutrients that are incredibly important for the heart.

Not only that, eating adequate amounts of fat allows your body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins — A, D, E, and K — needed to support your heart, immune system, bones, vision and more.

When you begin your day with fat-soluble vitamins and the healthy fats to absorb them, you’re off to a good start.

Starting My Day

As part of my morning routine, I start the day with a cup of French Press organic coffee, to which I add a teaspoon of grass-fed butter and blend it together - a great way to start my day. It provides me with a clean and steady energy throughout the day, while feeding my healthy gut bacteria. Enjoy!

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