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There are those moments when you close your eyes and you are you, as you know yourself to be – vital, vibrant, limitless and free. But, the you in the mirror reflects a you that has been shaped by the challenges of time, of lifestyle and circumstances beyond your control or imagination. We know that. We’ve been there, and we can help you be yourself as you desire to be, once and for all.  




Beyond the fruitless dabbling and emotionally uncertain fixes, we offer a real solution. Welcome to Awakening™, a 12-week medical weight release program developed by Dr. César Lara, a nationally recognized specialist in the field of weight loss and life-long weight management.  


Awakening™ is a medically and nutritionally proven program that combines our professional weekly support system with proper supplementation and diagnostic tests to ensure your success while optimizing your health.  


Awakening™ addresses deficiencies in nutrition that may be the root cause of your weight gain. Furthermore, we monitor key blood levels to head off plateaus in weight loss and control insulin resistance. Hallmarks of the program: 


  1. Steady, Consistent Results 
  2. Tailored to the Uniqueness of You and Your Body
  3. Proven and Medically Supervised (Zero Guesswork) 


The secret behind the success of the Awakening™ program is no secret at all. It’s not enough to bring leading-edge science to your aid. The heart and human element are vital factors in helping you find and build the momentum to embrace change. We are here to support you, not only as you begin breaking out of the inertia of old habits, but as you begin rediscovering the satisfaction of feeling better and seeing genuine results in your life. 


I started the program at 198. Today [11 weeks later], I am 148. I started the Verjú treatments 6 weeks ago and have lost a total of 9.25 inches. I was a size 14 jeans 6 weeks ago and today I’m wearing a size 10. This program works if you work it. And I didn’t do it alone. Dr. Lara and his staff have been there every step of the way, encouraging me and cheering me on. Thank you all. I finally got myself back.” – Yvelise S., 5-Stars 


Your 12-Week Program 


Comprehensive initial health checkup 


We perform a series of advanced medical tests so that we can analyze your body’s health and fully understand your current condition. This stage is designed to discover any potential problems and to ensure your weight loss success. 


Your personalized weight loss program 


Your program will be customized by one of our weight loss experts. We will tailor your program to fit your biological make-up, lifestyle, and goals. To ensure the very best results, we’ll continually monitor and adjust your program as you continue. Our programs are designed to work for any and every type of person. And our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any urgent questions and address any of your concerns. 


Delicious menu plans 


During our program, you’ll be eating real food that you can buy at your local grocery store. To help you on your journey, we’ll provide healthy menu plans and delicious recipes so that you can enjoy what you eat. Constantly adding new items and recipes, you’ll have plenty of tasty options to choose from. 


Premium Dietary Supplements 


Carefully formulated to supercharge your health, Dr. Cesar Lara’s premium line of health supplements work in perfect synergy with his weight loss programs. Made from the highest quality ingredients and third party tested to ensure purity, our supplements are recommended on a case by case basis to take our patients health to the next level. 


Support every step of the way 


At your weekly appointments, we will discuss your progress and make any program changes necessary to optimize your success. Each week, our goal is to empower you on your journey. We’ll celebrate your milestones and help you overcome any challenges. Our team is here to guide and support you every step of the way. 


Educational and Motivational Workshops 


As a patient, you are always invited to attend our educational and motivational workshops held at our weight loss centers. These are designed to educate and inspire our patients on their journeys. 


“I’m so thankful for Dr Lara’s weight loss program. I’ve lost 37 lbs since August 1 and every week I get more and more energy. I can’t say enough good things about his staff in the Clearwater location. All the ladies are so nice and so encouraging. I look forward to my appts each week. This program really works!!!” – Denise H., 5-Stars 


Beyond the 12-Weeks 


You did it! 


Once you’ve completed our program, you will feel empowered. You’ll have more energy, feel stronger, feel more confident, and be motivated to continue striving for your goals. We love to see our patients succeed not only with their health but in all areas of their life. 


Healthy weight for life 


We want you to remain healthy and happy for life. And that’s why our support continues even after you have completed our program. We’ll help you transition out of our program so that you can continue to stay healthy on your own. If you start having challenges again, we will be there to pick you back up and keep you on track. 


Continued Education 


You are always welcome to attend our seminars and workshops to stay up to date on mindset and health topics. You can also subscribe to Dr. Lara’s Healthy Living E-Newsletter, sent monthly with inspiration and exercise tips plus recipes for healthy and delicious meals. 


For more information on how you can begin your transformation, call us at Call (727) 312-0606 or visit https://drlaraweightloss.com  






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